“A friend complained to me that he had been caught by a speed camera. He wanted to know how come we have the technology to capture photos of a vehicle’s number plate speeding by at night doing 72 kph in a 50 kph area, but that we are unable to get good video footage of employee and shop theft. It was a good point. “

It is becoming increasingly common to go into any premises and see cameras apparently watching your every move. Many retail stores both large and small have installed CCTV equipment. Apartment buildings, entrances and exits to underground parking lots, banks and storage warehouses are all taking advantage of the CCTV digital revolution

Before you purchase a closed circuit television system to install at your business premises, watch a Crimewatch program on the television. See a crime taking place and observe the value of what you could see. Remember that you are only seeing the select and better images from the incident. Too often the video quality is so poor that it is worthless. Police are continually confronted with unusable video images of crimes in progress.

When you consider the images that are often presented in the daily newspapers and consider that these have usually been enhanced you can see why the standard video image is being replaced by the higher quality of digital imaging available today.