“In todays enviroment it is important to think of an alarm as not only a means of deterrant or protection against burglars, but to realise the extent and capabilities of an alarm system. “

We at P.M. COMMLITE Ltd are firm believer’s that a alarm needs to be tailored to your personal needs and enviroment. Therefore one panel or make may not be suitable for your individual needs.

As we deal with a wide a varied range, this then allows us to tailor make a package to suit your circumstances, needs and requirments to include products like wireless key fob intergration, door access control, intruder protection, Fire and thermal protection, Temperature alarms, or monitoring the individual status of a piece of equipment. With the intergration of many facets avaliable it is now becoming the transport medium for wide and varied uses including “BUILDING MANAGMENT”, from automatically turning off lights when there is no movement to automatically turning on and off heating, opening and closing gates, the list goes on.

An alarm in todays enviroment can only be limited by your imagination but it is all decided with what your long term intention is. As not all panels can preform all functions, the initial choice (armed with all knowledge) is cruical in your design, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss these.


” Sensors fitted to an alarm are very dependant on the situation that they are being installed in and what is to be expected and required from them. “

As critical as the choice of alarm panel for your requirments is the choice of sensor that is being fitted onto the end. These range from standard fersnial lense sensors to mirror optics to dual quad and microwave, all of which have differant applications and work differantly in differant environments. Sensors also range from vibration sensors, temperture sensors, point to point beams to micro switches, pressure sensors and heat and smoke sensors. These can also include ionisation, partical, latching and auto resetting, so as the choices go on we suggest you discuss your requirments with one of P. M. COMMLITE Ltd qualified technicians.

Alarm Monitoring