A Security Warrant of Fitness (SWOF) is a document produced for you after we have completed a full service of your equipment. This document proves that the equipment has been test to the New Zealand Security Associations high standard and verifies that all components have been tested and are operating effectively.

Most controlling devices and some external sirens on a security alarm system have a battery back-up, there to ensure the system will continue operation in the event of power being cut to the site (either by general power outage, electrical fault or mischievous act). Like car batteries, these batteries will require replacement approximately every 4 years as they lose ability to recharge and carry the required load. We will load test all back-up batteries and if required replace them during the service – ultimately saving you the emergency call out cost when a battery fails.

Like all electronics, security systems are susceptible over time to corrosion of components, electrical shorts and the like. Our comprehensive testing covers electrical integrity by testing system loading, earthing of the control cabinet, checking connections and identifying and removing any visible corrosion.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is often only viewed when an incident has occurred and footage is required. Non-maintenance of your cameras and operating equipment may prevent you extracting the quality of footage your system could produce due to dirty lenses, altered views from knocked or loosened camera brackets, interference across cabling causing distorted images and environmental or lighting change in the camera location. Our technician will check and adjust cameras as required to provide optimal view, as well as test function of operating equipment to ensure your footage will be there when you need it. We can check and correct any time and date discrepancy on the DVR, check monitors are functioning, note the length of archived footage and ensure all connections are secure.


The primary goal is to be certain that when a security situation presents, your equipment will operate as it was designed to do.

The benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Less frequent need for alarm technician calls to site to investigate trivial faults.
  • Less Security Guard Call outs
  • Reduction in User errors at code pad (greater frequency of training)
  • Reliable system
  • Increased user compliance
  • Cost savings
  • Lower risk of declined insurance claims

(Often insurance companies will offer discounts where security alarm systems are installed – but most insurers will require your system to be maintained in good working order for policy to be valid.) Check your policy to see if this applies to you.