Protect your vehicles with Trackie GPS innovative and cost effective Web based GPS tracking system for real time tracking of Vehicles, Boats & Bikes.

The GT300 is a robust simple to install unit, it can easily be wired into your vehicles or simply plugged into the AUX power plug. This is a totally self contained unit with integrated aerial, battery backup and external power plugs (wired and plug adapter)

  • Heavy duty design, suitable for various of environment.
  • The clip is designed for multi-purpose usage. Users can mount the tracker unit with screws, belts or the magnetic clamp.
  • The clip is designed for multi-purpose usage. Users can mount this tracker with screws, belts or magnetic mount.
  • Ultra capacity battery for more operating hours.
  • Detecting movement by the G sensor inside the tracker, and start tracking function accordingly. Saving the battery power and reducing communication costs.
  • Coordinates transmitted to the server site by GPRS
  • Real time tracking through server website
  • History query, track playback and download
  • SOS emergency button with three preprogrammed numbers
  • Anti-thief tracking
  • Speeding reminder
  • Geo Fencing

The GT300 is part of the Trakie GPS System which is a web based mapping application to track the location , so there is no software to install on your computer or Smart Phone because Trakie uses standard internet Browsers with no additional software required.

The GT300 requires a SIM card to connect to a Cellular Network such as 2Degrees or Vodafone and monthly cellular charges willl apply.

The GT300 works in conjunction with the Trakie Web site, the first years use is included in the purchase price, there after a nominal annual fee will apply per unit.